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Shipping to South Africa only. 

Please note: After you have ordered your product. will contact you to gather specific information at no extra charge relating to:

  1. Layup: Marathon, River, Surfski, Sprint
  2. Reinforced Tip: Yes, No
  3. Split shaft: Yes, No
  4. Do you want your paddle assembled? Yes, No
  5. Glue Type: Epoxy, Hot Glue (remember epoxy can not be dissembled).

Paddle bags can be bought separately on this site and are not included in the price. 

About this paddle:

This blade is a merge between the Odin and the Magni, equal parts parallel and teardrop shape-blade. This allows instant power at the catch, and a solid pull and finish. Its a medium sized blade, similar in surface area to the Odin.